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Sylvan Family Care is a holistic family centre, providing care in Medical and Dental Services. We focus on providing a very patient oriented service with specialists to cater to patients’ specific needs.

Currently, our team comprises of several Dental Surgeons, Dental Assistants, Family Physicians, Gynecologists/Obstetricians, a General Surgeon. Our aim is to not only provide exceptional medical care to our patients but to also develop a relationship with them as well. Good care involves more than just good medicine, which is why our facilities have been designed to create a rounded environment catering to persons of all ages.

Here at Sylvan Family Care, patients can expect the highest level of medical and dental care in an environment of the utmost comfort, consistently making “Health is Wealth”.


The Dental Professionals at our facility are comprised of several qualified Dental Surgeons and Dental Assistants who are passionate about providing quality oral care to every member of your family. We provide routine oral examinations, teeth cleanings, fillings, normal extractions, surgical extractions and root canals, just to name a few. Our experienced dentists, friendly staff, and relaxed environment will ensure the continued health and wellness of your anticipated/bright smile.

The Medical Professionals are equally passionate at providing a quality health care experience to every member of your family. Our team Consists of several qualified Family Physicians, Gynecologists/Obstetricians, and a General Surgeon. We provide invaluable and accurate diagnoses and treatment in a range of areas fitting your needs.

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